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Fascio LuxeSugar

Hey boo.. is your scalp itchy? Flakes annoying you?  

Fascio luxe sugar scrub is an exceptional exfoliating scalp treatment. An All Natural blend that not only is exfoliating but also hydrates your scalp with our custom gentle recipe .


Dirt, oil and buildup form on your scalp just as it does any other part of your skin, and in order to keep your scalp and your hair healthy, exfoliation is necessary to unclog your pores. 


How to Use:

Mix Fascio Luxe Sugar exfoliating scrub on your scalp with your favorite clarifying or dandruff shampoo into a paste . Apply to scalp. Gently Massage scalp with scrub ,rinse and follow with a hydrating shampoo & conditioner.


Ingredients :Sugar , olive oil , essential oil blend

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