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Luxe Brush

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Do you find yourself spending too much time on wash day ? 

Well look no further!

This Detangling brush has been specifically created for you, designed to combat that stubborn, frizzy, curly, knotty hair that tends to be tough to deal with. Flexible arms designed to bend with your hair, wet or dry to provide that silky smooth feel that you so desire.

Not taking a shower? No problem

While best results can be achieved with moist to wet hair, add some leave-in conditioner or your go-to hair product and the detangler brush can work just fine. Taming those curls and eliminating any frizz or knots that you may have

Say goodbye to shedding !!

We know the feeling when you're finished brushing your hair, and your brush kind of looks like a " Hair Graveyard". While normal brushes have stiff bristles that pull hair causing much pain and shedding, the detangle brush has flexible arms that go with the flow a little bit, sort of like the suspension on a car. Imagine driving over a pothole or off-roading without shocks on your car ?? ...... that's what you're doing when you use an ordinary hair brush.

This detangling brush however, allows for a much more comfortable experience and enables you to target those knots or curls that wouldn't be possible using an ordinary hair brush.